Coming Back Home to Yourself

Welcome to Metasequoia Forest, where we offer energy healing services and create a safe space for all, and particularly for the LGBTQ+ community. Our mission is to promote self acceptance, inner peace, and self love through grounded conversations and spiritual practices.

Your Practitioner

I am Forrest Sienna (they/them), a spiritual practitioner and priestx offering limiting belief energy healing, community building, and grounded spirituality. I specialize in serving the LGBTQ+ community, offering transformative practices that promote self acceptance, inner peace, and self love.

A white person with short brown hair stands in front of an apple tree.
A white person with short brown hair stands in front of an apple tree.
sun light passing through green leafed tree
sun light passing through green leafed tree
an array of tarot cards
an array of tarot cards
Zodiac Signs
Zodiac Signs
white pillar candle beside herb bundle and herb jars.
white pillar candle beside herb bundle and herb jars.


To learn more about any of these offerings, email

Limiting Belief Healing

15 minute consult | Free
90 Minutes | $100

An intensive, active meditative session dedicated to healing the internalized, false narratives we hold about ourselves which may be preventing us from pursuing our goals and desires.

During the session, you may work with past and future versions of yourself, and end the session having made tangible progress towards your goal.

Tarot Card Reading

30 minutes | $45
60 minutes | $75

These are highly individualized readings, fine-tuned to your life and questions. At your request, I am also happy to integrate any of my various oracle decks.

Astrological Chart Reading

30 minutes | $75
60 minutes | $100
All readings include a detailed write-up of your chart, including key placements and main aspects.

I follow the evolutionary astrology framework because of its progressive interpretations and focus on free-will. In my readings, I use the Placidus House system, and the Tropical Zodiac.

During our meeting, I will give an overview of your chart, in addition to answering specific questions you may have.

Custom Spellwork

15 minute consult | Free
Further pricing varies based on labor and materials.

I specialize in green magic and candle magic, incorporating Italian folk practices into my work. I am also available to lead ceremony.

Kind words from clients...

"Forrest has an amazing understanding of observing and healing limiting beliefs! I got to take a few of their classes and I guarantee I will be attending more. Not only do they clearly break down what a limiting belief is and where it can come from, they also take you through an experiential healing and interactive guided meditation to help you observe and heal your own! Forrest held such a safe space that allowed me to make those reflections, and they taught me some really helpful tools and methods that I can use on my own whenever I need! I am so grateful to get to learn from them I know you will be too."

- Maclaine

"I got a tarot reading from Forrest recently! They made me comfortable from the get go and took the time to really flesh out each card draw and explain the symbolism for each. Whenever I wanted to dive in deeper to a concept or symbol they were happy to dive with me. I was super nervous going into my appointment having never had my tarot read one on one before, but all that anxiety vanished quite quickly. They were very personable, knowledgeable and friendly. It felt more like friends hashing out my current blocks.

If you’re needing clarity in life, I highly suggest contacting Forrest for a reading! You’ll be waking up the next day with a new sense of direction."

- Conri

"Forrest was BEYOND helpful and held the space I needed to share what was on my heart, which was tied in and affected with past traumatic experiences in my life and how that is affecting me now. Their tarot read was also SPOT ON and helped in configuring an action plan in what to do to help which included identifying limiting beliefs and doing shadow work."

- Katie